Welcome to Belts and Handbags you are going to be impressed with the sheer quality and incredibly low prices of our hand bags - purses - wallets - beach bags - travel bags - children's bags - belts and buckles. Please click on the category pictures to see our range and buy securely online to receive your fabulous new handbag delivered direct to you door and save money.

Girls know best!! - Belts and Handbags is a website created and managed by Girls for Girls [with a little help from some men]. We created Belts and Handbags as we understand your need for stylish quality well made hand bags, purses, children's bags, cosmetic bags, travel bags and men's wallets, belts and fashionable apparel to suit every occasion. We further appreciate that you want the handbag or purse to match your personality as well as your style of dress and to be a fashion accessory to make people notice you as well as to carry your personal and valuable possessions. We have tried to choose a variety of styles of hand bags and purses to suit as many tastes as possible.

We are UK & US Agents for this great range of Thai Leather and exotic skin handbags and purses and we can offer you quality goods at manufacturers prices, direct to you at a great saving of up to 60% from normal retail prices. Thailand is in the heart of Asia, which is one of the World's centres for fashion garments and leather goods such as handbags and purses and clothing apparel. It has been the focus for beautiful silks for a thousand years or more adorned by kings and queens around the globe. Bangkok is internationally recognised as the capital of Asia's fashion manufacturers as well as one of the five main gemstone cutting and polishing centres in the world. With a myriad of clothing manufacturers and suppliers based in Thailand it has become the International Shoppers Window to goods made in the Asian continent. The sheer choice of leather goods such as handbags and purses, wallets in exotic material such as Sting Ray Skin or farmed Snakeskin, Alligator, Shark or supple quality leather is overwhelming. In fact the vast majority of your high street retailers and brand names for clothes, shoes and fashion accessories obtain thier products from Asia because of the high quality of manufacture, now you can obtain these goods direct door to door for only a third of the normal retail price.

We have researched some of the products available in Bangkok and are very proud to offer you our selected range of quality hand bags and belts, purses wallets and travel bags at very sensible prices which we are confident you will not find cheaper elsewhere. We also offer a range of design fashion handbags which offer great value for money which are both stylish and fashionable and at these prices you can afford to treat yourself to several handbags and buy a whole collection of hand bags and purses to service your every need and throw them away when you get bored and always carry a new hand bag and purse wherever you go and for every occasion.

The wonders of the Internet has meant that Belts and Handbags can cut the cost of supply and permit you to buy at manufacturers prices direct to your door. The internet is forcing down prices on all fashion apparel and accessories including hand bags, belts, wallets, purses. We can prove you can slash those costs if you are prepared to buy direct over the internet. We back our products with a full money back guarantee and very confident you will be delighted with you new handbag and or purse or wallet or your money back.

Belts and Handbags offer you our range to suit your pocket as well as your needs fashionable accessories in leather, skin and suede as well as vinyl and canvas, sting ray skin, farmed alligator, snakeskin and shark skin.

Thousands of people visit Thailand every year and end up buying leather goods such as handbags, purses, belts, purses, wallets, beach bags and travel bags at the fantastically low prices as well as clothing and made to measure suits at high quality but low prices. Well you don't have to come to Bangkok to find a handbag bargain as we at belts and handbags can bring Bangkok to your living room. Shopping for your handbag and fashion accessory has never been easier with belts and handbags and we hope you like what you see and we know you will be happy with your purchase but if not we offer a full money back guarantee within 14 days of your handbag, purse, wallets or travel bag being returned to us.

Fashion accessories make a statement about YOU and your choice of bag is a very personal one, All of our products are chosen by girls for girls and we do hope that you like the products we have selected. We at Belts and Handbags welcome you to our online store and further welcome your recommendations and comments so please let us know what you think by contacting us or you can pass this website onto a friend in need of a great value quality handbag, purse, wallet or bag or other fashion accessory tell a friend unless of course you prefer to keep it a secret.

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